Woodland Wonders Kew Gardens

The Woodland Wonders Festival is set amongst the bluebells in a beautiful part of Kew Gardens. At the centre of the festival is Queen Charlotte's Cottage, once used as a summer house by King George III and his wife when they lived at Kew Palace. Public woodcarving workshops, with Clinton Chaloner and Cheryl Huges. Instruction and the chance to practice, simple woodcarving techniques.


Traditions of the River Severn

In a quiet corner of the Quarry in Shrewsbury a transformation is taking place. A team of ancient woodwork specialists are turning a 4 tonne oak tree into a fully functioning dugout canoe. Ancient skills are being used in Shrewsbury to carve an enormous oak log into a working dugout canoe. A boat-building yard has been created at The Quarry Park so people can watch the progress of the canoe.

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Cultural Waves Project for Lee Valley Regional Park

The design, and construction of a 12 metre dugout canoe, paddled from one end of the park to the other, carrying symbolic exchanges of cargoes of objects from communities along the route of the Park to be exchanged at various stopping points. These cargoes represent the ideas of the communities about themselves.

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